Sunday, February 28, 2016

it was a Jepsen type 3 ankle fx.

So I had a patient in the ED today that was involved in a motorcycle accident.
He was intoxicated at the time, still inebriated by the time we saw him.
It probably didn't help that the temperature has been near 100 degrees lately.
The story was that a gust of wind had basically caused him to swerve his bike and lay it down.
He had been clipped by another car and sustained an ankle fracture.
As per protocol, we had cut off the pants to about the knee to get access to his legs.
At first he was fine, normal conversation about the motorcycle, how he got here, etc.
I told him that he was to go to xray and that afterwards he would get put in a splint.
I left to go get plaster, webril, ace wraps, the usual.
End up getting distracted doing floorwork for another hour or 2, by this time it was about 8PM.
Crap. Forgot about splint, run back down to the ED.
The dude is trippling balls.
He's literally in a full on freak out.
He wants to leave AMA, he's hold us responsible for everything, blah blah blah.
He in NO WAY wants me to put on a splint.
His significant other at this time brings him some crutches that they brought in from home, they start to leave.
The patient gets to about the front door of the ED.
I plead one more time that his ankle NEEDS a splint before he leaves.
He won't have it.
He says his ankle's fine, he can walk on it just fine.
Takes 1 step on his ankle, there's a sickenening crunch and the patient crumples to the ground.

We make eye contact as he lays on the ground.
Stare was holdin'.
Ripped jeans, skin was showin'.
Hot night, wind was blowin'.
Where you think you’re goin' baby?
I think if you really question any doctor, we all go through this....

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I just had a brief sojourn to the toilet for about 10 minutes with my phone, relaxed, did my business, all while learning about bone loss in joint replacement from Michael Meneghini (a big name in the joint world)....

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Trauma surgery resident: "We have a guy here with a forearm deformity and neuropathy, you should see him NOW."
Me: "Do we have xrays?"
Trauma surgery resident: "You need xrays to treat the patient? Thats kinda ridiculous."

Saturday, February 6, 2016

We just switched rotations, and based on the status of the ortho room at my new rotation, I'm pretty sure this is the parting moments of the last team on this rotation...

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Me: "So have you done physical therapy?"
Patient: "I did this like whole women caring thing where they did some core stability, strengthening, and uterine stretches, which seemed to help..."

After an attending told me i could be fired after photoshopping myself onto some semi-nude picture and leaving it as the ortho library background...

When one of the reps offers me something in front of my attending...